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“The finest moments belong to Tracy Sallows, who is completely spontaneous and compelling as Joan, Theresa’s youngest daughter, who can neither get over the death of her brother nor envision her mother marrying a Protestant. In her anguished argument with Gillette, Sallows brings tight focus to the play’s conflict as we see beneath Joan’s smooth veneer. In a subsequent scene with Aranson, she provides a vulnerable, heartfelt and charming answer to that conflict as she moves through real tears to a perception of truth. The earnest climax not withstanding, it is a moment of light suffusing all that follows.”
Ralph Hammond,

“Her sister (Tracy Sallows) has had hardly a life at all
to this point. Quiet, reserved and disguising her beauty, she spends her days cleaning her mother’s house. Her pain simmers while Deidre’s is all a steady boil. Yet it is Joan who threatens to boil over in the play’s most stunningly dramatic confrontation. As she unleashes her bitterness towards her mother for the crime of happiness, we see the tempest beneath her placid surface. It is a brilliant moment.”
Bill Smith,
On The Stage, The Source

“Sallows’ performance is touching.”
Martin P. Kelly,
In The Spotlight

“Tracy Sallows gives a shaded performance as
younger daughter Joan.”
Jackie Demaline,
The Times Union

(Tracy was also named in Metroland’s “Theatre ’91:
The Year In Review, ‘Best Performances, Actresses’”
category for her performance as Joan in “Remembrance”.)
Tracy Sallows as "Joan" with Anita Gillette as
"Theresa" in

Photo by Joe Schuyler