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“Ellie Dunn is Sallows’ first major role for the A.R.T.
and it is a very auspicious beginning indeed.
Sallows’ Dunn is so true, so honest,
so clearly her own woman that it is
hard to imagine any man resisting her.”
Jon L. Lehman,
The Patriot Ledger

“As Ellie, ART newcomer Tracy Sallows seems
to the Shavian manor born. She has sweetness,
strength and visionary grit.”
Carolyn Clay,
The Boston Phoenix

“Tracy Sallows is perfectly emphatic as Ellie, the
modern woman.”
Kevin Kelly,
The Boston Globe

“As Ellie, Tracy Sallows is gracefully appealing in
her growing strength and independence.”
Nancy Leonard,
The Improper Bostonian

“As Ellie, Tracy Sallows grows from wide-eyed
innocence and wonder to a woman of power.”
Iris Fanger
The Boston Herald

“Tracy Sallows is a tough-as-nails Ellie, a match for
any man.”
Debbie Foreman,
Cape Cod Times

“Special mention is also owed to Geidt’s charming
Shotover and Sallows’ Metamorphic Ellie Dunn.”
M. Breen Haire,
The Muse

Jeremy Geidt as "Captain Shotover" and Tracy Sallows as "Ellie Dunn" in George Bernard Shaw's HEARTBREAK HOUSE.

Photo by Richard Feldman