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L to R: P. Seymour, Jeff Robins, Tracy Sallows, Mort Milder, Jason Kravits, Joel Jones,
Seth Jones, Skipp Sudduth, Barbara Suter, Holly Webber, Brian O'Neill, Susan Wands,
Robert Petkoff (Not shown Victor Verhaeghe, Kelly Deadmon, Jessica Woods,
Mary Micari, Chris Flockton, Rob Newton)

Photo by Phillip Jones

The Rumble in the RedRoom performed original comedic songs and sketch comedy every
Monday night on Theatre Row from 1996 -2000. Guest venues included: PS-NBC at HERE
Arts Center, The Pulse Theatre Cabaret Space, The Market Café, The Tunnel, The Phil
Bosakowski Theatre and the Upstairs Theatre at the Pulse.

The Rumble In The RedRoom at PSNBC
Rumble in the RR at The Market Cafe